Asphalt Preservation 101: Understanding the Role and Frequency of Sealcoating


Last Updated on July 15, 2024

Maintaining your asphalt surface is an essential yet often overlooked task in property care. One of the most critical maintenance steps is sealcoating, which offers both aesthetic and protective benefits. But how often should you sealcoat your asphalt? Let’s explore this question and discuss the key factors affecting sealcoat longevity in this comprehensive guide. As a leading asphalt company in Logan, Utah, Top Job Asphalt provides a wealth of knowledge in paving, repair, and maintenance for both commercial and residential clients. In this post, we’ll share our expertise, guiding you to a long-lasting, visually appealing, and safe asphalt surface. Whether you aim to maintain that like-new appearance or seek a solution offering years of durability, we have the insights to help you make the right choice. Let’s get started.

Understanding Sealcoating

Sealcoating is a process that provides a protective layer to asphalt surfaces, shielding them from potentially harmful elements. This protection is akin to a barrier against factors such as UV rays, chemicals, and water, which can cause considerable damage over time. Alongside these protective qualities, sealcoating also enhances the aesthetic appeal of asphalt surfaces. By delivering a smooth, dark finish, it rejuvenates the appearance of your driveway or parking lot, making it look as good as new. This comparison might sound familiar – think of sealcoating as the sunscreen or varnish for your asphalt, helping it resist damage and maintain its appeal.

Factors Influencing the Frequency of Sealcoating

Determining how often you should sealcoat your asphalt isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. Several elements come into play, influencing the longevity of the sealcoat. To better understand these factors, let’s break them down:


The amount and type of traffic your asphalt handles significantly impacts the lifespan of the sealcoating. More usage, especially heavy vehicle traffic, can accelerate wear and tear, causing the sealcoating to degrade more quickly. As a result, areas with high traffic may require more frequent sealcoating to maintain optimal condition.


Another critical factor to consider is drainage. Proper drainage helps extend the lifespan of your sealcoat and overall asphalt quality. If water pools on the asphalt surface for extended periods, it can permeate the sealcoat, causing it to break down faster and necessitating more frequent reapplications.

Chemical Exposure

Asphalt surfaces, particularly in commercial settings like parking lots, can often be exposed to chemical spills such as oil or gas. These substances can eat away at both the asphalt and the sealcoat, leading to more rapid degradation and requiring more frequent sealcoating.

Snow Removal Methods

In regions with heavy snowfall, like Northern Utah and Southern Idaho, how you remove snow can also affect your sealcoat. For example, metal shovels or snow plow blades can scrape off the sealcoat, shortening its lifespan. Therefore, using snow removal methods that are less abrasive on the sealcoat can help extend its life.

Type and Application of Sealer

Finally, the type of sealer used and how it’s applied can greatly influence sealcoating longevity. Some sealers are inherently more durable than others, and the thickness of the application can affect how long it lasts. Whether the product is a penetrating sealer or a top coat product also plays a crucial role in its durability.

In the next section, we’ll cover how you can maintain the longevity of your sealcoat through proper care and maintenance practices.

Maintaining the Longevity of Your Sealcoat

Simply applying a sealcoat is not enough to ensure the longevity of your asphalt surface. Consistent maintenance and proper care can help extend the life of the sealcoat, keeping your asphalt in its best possible condition. Here’s how:

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is a simple but effective way to prolong the life of your sealcoat. By keeping your driveway or parking lot clean from dirt, sand, and gravel, you can prevent these materials from grinding into the surface and causing damage. Regular sweeping and the occasional power wash can go a long way in maintaining the integrity of your sealcoat.

Quick Response to Spills

As previously discussed, exposure to certain chemicals can lead to a more rapid breakdown of the sealcoat. Therefore, it’s critical to respond quickly to oil, gasoline, or other chemical spills. Use a commercial degreaser or detergent and a stiff bristled brush to clean up these spills, followed by a thorough rinse with water.

Timely Pothole and Crack Repairs

Potholes and cracks can develop over time due to various factors such as weather conditions and general wear and tear. Left unattended, they can worsen and become a serious problem. By repairing potholes and cracks (¼” or larger) as soon as they appear, you can prevent further damage and maintain the integrity of the sealcoat.

Choosing the Right Crack Seal

Selecting the right crack seal is essential for maintaining the lifespan of your sealcoat. A crack seal that is too soft can deform and stick to tires and shoes, while one that is too hard won’t be flexible enough in cold winter conditions and may re-crack prematurely. Choosing the right balance of toughness and flexibility will ensure that the crack seal will withstand varying conditions and protect your asphalt effectively.

When it comes to sealcoating and asphalt maintenance, it’s crucial to remember that each case is unique. What works best for one surface may not be the ideal solution for another. At Top Job Asphalt, we offer tailored services to meet your individual needs and expectations, delivering durable solutions that outlast any comparable service. By following these maintenance tips and considering the factors affecting sealcoating frequency, you can enhance the longevity of your asphalt surfaces significantly.

Professional Sealcoating with Top Job Asphalt

While understanding and performing basic maintenance tasks can significantly enhance the longevity of your sealcoat, there are times when professional expertise becomes invaluable. Top Job Asphalt, a leading asphalt company based in Logan, Utah, is here to offer superior asphalt services, including paving, repair, maintenance, and, of course, sealcoating. 

Tailored Approach to Meet Your Needs

At Top Job Asphalt, we recognize that every asphalt surface is unique, with different requirements based on usage, weather conditions, and existing maintenance. Hence, we don’t adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we listen to your needs and expectations and provide a tailored solution that ensures your asphalt surface remains durable and attractive for as long as possible. 

High-Quality Sealants for Long-Lasting Protection

The type and quality of the sealant play a significant role in the lifespan of the sealcoat. At Top Job Asphalt, we only use the highest quality sealants, ensuring your asphalt surface gets the best possible protection. Furthermore, we carefully select the right crack seal for your surface to ensure it withstands varying weather conditions and daily wear and tear without premature cracking or deforming. 

Experience and Expertise You Can Rely On

With years of experience serving both residential and commercial customers in Northern Utah and Southern Idaho, we’ve built a reputation for delivering top-notch asphalt services. Our team of trained professionals has the knowledge and expertise to handle any asphalt project, ensuring you receive a service that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. 

In conclusion, sealcoating is an essential aspect of asphalt maintenance that can significantly extend the life of your surface. However, it’s crucial to consider various factors, including traffic, drainage, chemical exposure, snow removal methods, and the type and application of the sealer, when determining the frequency of sealcoating. With the right maintenance practices and the expertise of professionals like Top Job Asphalt, you can ensure your asphalt surfaces remain in top condition for years to come.


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Mike Phillips
Mike Phillips
January 17, 2023.
Great company to work with. We contacted Top Job to repair a county road that we dug across for an irrigation line. They were very professional yet friendly. Our job was completed quickly. We recommend this company.
Sam Rowley
Sam Rowley
December 8, 2022.
I’m not sure how the service actually is, but some old guy in a Top Job Toyota was riding my butt today and flipped me off, or it was maybe an aggressive wave at the red light near the Logan library. Hope his day gets better. 12/8 at 230
Kim Rappleye
Kim Rappleye
December 7, 2022.
Very professional and personalized service. Highly recommended!
Mark Malmstrom
Mark Malmstrom
November 22, 2022.
They were easy to get a hold of and showed up when they were scheduled. Good communication and good work.
David Bunnell
David Bunnell
November 4, 2022.
I appreciated the pleasant attitude when talking w/the estimator as well as the scheduler. The work crew did a great job! I highly recommend Top Job Asphalt!
Steven Jacobsen
Steven Jacobsen
October 30, 2022.
Top job Asphalt did an amazing job on my project very professional, I would definitely use them again when I have the need.
Chris Salvesen
Chris Salvesen
October 28, 2022.
Did a great job on the 3" overlay for my very old and deteriorated half circle driveway. Looks brand new. All the transitions to concrete are near perfectly matched when I wasn't sure they could do it. It's almost weird now not feeling the bump driving out of the garage or over our bridge.
Matt Welch
Matt Welch
October 27, 2022.
Top Job paved our asphalt driveways and we couldn't be happier. The service, quality and price were the best I could find and I looked everywhere! Great job guys! I'll be calling back when I start my next project.
Todd Wardrop
Todd Wardrop
October 26, 2022.
I'm so impressed!!😀 Top Job has done such excellent work on my neighbor's driveway ... I'm so jealous. It's absolutely beautiful, and I can't believe how smooth it turned out. It's just perfect. What a great company!

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Very impressed with the quality of their work and the organization of the company. The project estimator was spot on as to when the bid would be received and the work was professional  from start to finish. I appreciated the opportunity for a walkthrough inspection after the crack filling was completed as I had some very large cracks in the asphalt. I give this company a ten out of ten (which I really do) and highly recommend them.

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