How Asphalt Crack Repair Will Help You Save Money

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Asphalt pavement is a big investment and it can last for decades if it’s well maintained. If your maintenance budget is limited, crack sealing is the single most effective and beneficial thing you can do to preserve your investment. Although asphalt cracks are inevitable, if they’re sealed properly, water isn’t able to penetrate the asphalt surface, and a wide variety of problems are prevented.

When water seeps through asphalt cracks, the base and subgrade below are eroded, which destroys the load-bearing capacity of the pavement. Over time, more cracks will form, and you’ll see potholes, sinkholes, and fatigue cracking (also referred to as alligator cracking.) If left untreated, each of these issues can eventually create a large enough problem that the asphalt will need to be removed and replaced.



Types of Asphalt Cracks and Repair Methods

Both shrinkage cracks and stress cracks require slightly different repair methods for maximum effectiveness.

  • Shrinkage cracks are the most common and are caused by asphalt drying out due to oxidation. These cracks begin as hairline cracks on the asphalt surface and work their way down, eventually allowing water to penetrate, saturate, and erode the base material. Shrinkage cracks can be prevented before they form with a seal coat and fog seal. Sealcoat prevents shrinkage cracks by protecting the asphalt surface from water and sun damage. Fog seal prevents shrinkage cracks by restoring oils and increasing asphalt flexibility.
  • Stress cracks are formed when the asphalt and base are inadequate for the weight they’re holding. When the base is eroded or soft, the weight on the pavement causes cracks to begin forming on the underside of the asphalt. It’s common for stress cracks to form along road edges, in front of dumpsters, and in drive lanes. Because stress cracks originate below the asphalt surface, the crack seal has limited effectiveness, and an asphalt patch may be a better option.


A good rule of thumb is that if a #2 pencil fits in the crack, it should be treated. Hairline cracks smaller than 1/4″ are too narrow to grip the asphalt crack sealer or allow significant amounts of moisture to penetrate. Wider cracks can be effectively treated with a climate-appropriate, hot-applied rubberized crack sealer. When cracks are sealed properly, further damage can frequently be prevented, and extensive repair or repaving projects can be avoided.


Top Job Asphalt uses top-quality crack sealants that are engineered to withstand the low temperatures of northern climates and the high temperatures of harsh, hot southern climates. Nuvo crack sealants by Maxwell Products employ inteliBond technology, which has set a new standard for quality and innovation in the crack seal industry.


Although asphalt cracking is bound to happen, Top Job Asphalt has the experience and skill to help you tackle any problem you may encounter. If your asphalt needs repair or maintenance, call us today for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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