30 - 60 Minutes

Short-Term: Keep off the surface

Keep traffic off for 30-60 minutes.  If the temperature is above 90 degrees then go for a full 60 minutes.

Be aware:

  • The product will not fill the crack completely to be flush with the asphalt.

  • Small cracks (1/4 inch or less) will not be sealed.

Long Term: Making your crack seal last

Perform regular maintenance (seal coat) to help slow asphalt shrinking.  Shrinking creates cracks.  Seal cracks every 2-4 years.

Cracks should be sealed when they reach 1/4 inch in width.

To prevent crack seal pulling up:

  • Avoid heavy equipment and construction activities.

  • Do not use heavy/aggressive metal equipment for snow removal – use rubber blades on snow plows that are properly adjusted.

Be Aware:

  • Loss of asphalt base from erosion and excessive water will cause cracks.

  • Control weeds, they speed up asphalt damage.

  • Protect asphalt by sealing concrete/asphalt joints wider than 1/4 of an inch.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

Very impressed with the quality of their work and the organization of the company. The project estimator was spot on as to when the bid would be received and the work was professional  from start to finish. I appreciated the opportunity for a walkthrough inspection after the crack filling was completed as I had some very large cracks in the asphalt. I give this company a ten out of ten (which I really do) and highly recommend them.

Paul Pratt