Commercial Seal Coat

per square foot*

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*This offer does not include crack seal, patching, striping, or cleaning. 50,000 SF minimum to qualify for this rate.

Why Seal Coat? 

Asphalt pavement is made up of 95% aggregate and the other 5% is asphalt (also known as bitumen), which is the black, oily, and sticky substance that binds the gravel and sand particles together. When pavement is new, the asphalt oils are fresh and pliable, making the pavement flexible. Over time, the oil oxidizes, making the asphalt more brittle. Eventually, the pavement will crack, and crumble, leading to costly repairs.  

When sealcoat is applied, the asphalt oils are reintroduced, restoring some of the pavement’s original flexibility. Sealcoat also covers and protects the exposed aggregate, and prevents raveling.

We recommend applying sealcoat every 3-5 years.

Extend the Life of Your Asphalt, Guaranteed

Routine sealcoating will extend the life of your pavement, and keep your lot looking great. If completed properly, asphalt can last up to 50 years. If not, well, you’d be lucky to get 20 years out of it.

It’s up to you, maintain it, or replace it. Trust us, maintenance is MUCH more affordable in the long run. 

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Very impressed with the quality of their work and the organization of the company. The project estimator was spot on as to when the bid would be received and the work was professional  from start to finish. I appreciated the opportunity for a walkthrough inspection after the crack filling was completed as I had some very large cracks in the asphalt. I give this company a ten out of ten (which I really do) and highly recommend them.

Paul Pratt